Kovin is focused on the production and design of technological solutions for the automotive and other industries. 

We provide comprehensive services from project preparation to complete delivery together with the installation and commissioning process.

The most modern design and manufacturing technology along with experience enable us to produce our devices - products of high quality and reliability.

We offer our customers our experience gained over many years and design optimal solutions in the form of consultation on individual projects. After the handover of the project, our mission does not end and we continue to be available to our customers. In the event of a problem / fault we are able and willing to quickly resolve the situation particularly to your satisfaction.

The aims of our company are:
• long-term satisfaction and customer maintainability 
• making the manufacturing process more effective 
• continuous innovation of technological equipment 
• work without complaints
• systematic training of employees to increase their professional growth, professionalism and skill and not least, quality awareness

We offer quality, reliability and long experience

The company has been operating on the Slovak market since 1998 on the basis of a business licence and 
in 2007 it transformed into KOVIN s.r.o.